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Frontline VC
May 7, 2021
Where to Land: Selecting Your European HQ

🇪🇺 With more companies open to remote work in today’s world, is a European HQ still worth pursuing? The team at B2B venture firm Front Line would tell you it absolutely does. You need to be where your customers are, so while it might not make sense for early stage companies with primarily US users, it’s essential if you ever plan on expanding internationally. They share a fun cheat sheet covering the 5 most popular EU tech hubs (London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Paris, and Berlin) and their relative strengths and weaknesses (talent, taxes, real estate, etc). On the road to IPO, about 30% of your revenue should come from the EU, so for those who think big, it’s worth playing with the idea as you grow.

Tomasz Tunguz
February 3, 2021
Why Fast Learning Curves are So Important to Startups

💥 Revenue growth can pick up quickly, and if you aren’t prepared with a plan to scale your team, that growth can halt just as fast as it started. Tomasz Tunguz makes a case for planning at least six-months out when it comes to hiring. Using a hypothetical dev department, he shows how important it is to evenly distribute workload between department heads, managers, and employees. You should also plan how different job functions will evolve with your company. But the real key to successfully scaling your team is knowing the type of people you want to hire during this stage. Software is a unique industry, people who are hungry to learn and adaptable to the quick (and sometimes seismic shifts) we face will do best..