📕 Amplifying content via thought leaders; The Adjacent Customer; “Obviously awesome” product positioning…

January 8, 2021
The SaaS Playbook

Happy Friday folks. We can’t be the only ones a bit behind on our 2021 business planning, so we thought you all might get some use out of this template from our very own Ed Byrne, which will help you review last year’s progress and set thoughtful 2021 goals. It’s a roughly two-day process that requires some buy-in from your team and serious self-awareness... let us know what you think!


🔊 One of content marketing's superpowers is what SEO pro Rand Fishkin calls amplifier groups, which consist of thought leaders who have significant sway on your target audience. Your job is to make life easy for those amplifiers by creating content specifically for them (not your customers or potential customers) that will earn them engagement when they share. This won’t immediately drive product sales from your amplifier group’s followers, but that’s ok. The #1 goal here is to leverage their credibility to increase your brand’s authority and build trust for a purchase down the road.


🔗 The link building debate is one we hear often. Is it really worth it, or are you just wasting time trading links when you should be focusing elsewhere? This in-depth feature in the SaaS marketer falls into the pro link building camp and lays out why it’s so important (namely increased domain authority and referral traffic). Some low hanging link building fruit they point to are review sites – they are easy to set up (you control the process) and ~90% of customers visit these sites before purchasing, so there’s some easy traffic for you.


🤔 There’s no one-size-fits-all process in product development. This read from the Neerventure CTO does a great job of summarizing some of the most common methods (Agile, Lean, and Design Thinking), and argues it’s unwise to firmly stick to the policies of one of the three. Instead, they would have you take some of the best practices of each while subscribing to the idea of IP-Thinking, which has one clear goal – building your IP’s value. Those previously mentioned methods can be rigid and take products in directions that veer off from your real goals (raising funds, exit strategy, etc.). IP-Thinking helps keep you heading down the path.


🔐 An often overlooked customer segment with strong growth potential is the adjacent customer. These are folks who are aware of your product (and may have even tried using it) but never successfully converted. That “just missed” conversion could be because your positioning doesn’t resonate with them or they see too many barriers to adoption – in either case, it’s extremely difficult to backtrack and figure out why exactly they chose to pass. To start to solve for these users you can look at who is successful on your platform today, and why. Comparing side by side may highlight where the disconnect is with adjacent users. The linked article from Brian Balfour offers more ways to dig deeper, it’s worth the read.


👍 Q1 is when most rebrands and product launches happen – if you are planning yours, you may want to check out Obviously Awesome first. It emphasizes the need to nail positioning before all else, otherwise, your other marketing efforts simply won’t take you far. The book covers a 10-step process to positioning, but also includes 5 specific components which we thought were great:

  1. Competitive alternatives. Know what your customers would use if your product didn’t exist.
  2. Unique attributes. What features does your product have that those competitive alternatives lack?
  3. Value and proof. The benefit those features unlock for your customers.
  4. Target market characteristics. The characteristics of buyers that make them care about the value you offer.
  5. Market category. The market you label yourself as being part of, to help customers understand your value.


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Morning folks, hope all our readers facing these winter storms are staying warm and safe right now. We’ll get to the newsletter shortly, but first we’d like to highlight a few organizations which are working to support Texans in need right now. There are links with information on how you can donate or help if you’re interested. 

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January 15, 2021
📕 Pricing as a growth lever; 10x approach to content marketing; How to scale customer segments...

Two weeks into the year is a bit early to identify any real 2021 SaaS trends, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take out our crystal ball and at least try. Onetool CEO Gordian Braun thinks the increasing number of SaaS tools will create chaos for end-users – more options and new, super niche verticals could result in overlapping features for products in different categories, making buying decisions more difficult. No-code tools (like Notion and Airtable) and workflow automation tools should also be on the rise as both are “simplifiers” that address the issue of having too many tools to handle. Let’s see how his predictions shake out...

January 22, 2021
📕 Customer-Led growth FTW; Breaking a billion; Solving product problems…

It seems like every year, there’s a debate on if Silicon Valley is the best place to launch your startup. In 2020, this conversation picked up even more steam because, well, we don’t need to get back into those details. We recently stumbled across this LinkedIn thread that gives some great arguments for both sides of the table. We’ve always been partial to building new tech ecosystems outside the Valley, but would love to hear what you think.

Alright, now for this week’s Playbook!

January 29, 2021
📕 How to measure your Power User Curve; Solving product backlogs; The Chief Customer Officer 2.0...

Howdy folks, and welcome to the end of the week! Today’s playbook takes a focus on customer-centric strategies, from unique methods to measure user engagement, to the best ways to gather and prioritize customer feedback. We also managed to wrap in not one, but two corny car analogies. Please forgive us, it’s the end of the month and we’re behind quota.

Have a great weekend.

January 8, 2021
📕 Amplifying content via thought leaders; The Adjacent Customer; “Obviously awesome” product positioning…

Happy Friday folks. We can’t be the only ones a bit behind on our 2021 business planning, so we thought you all might get some use out of this template from our very own Ed Byrne, which will help you review last year’s progress and set thoughtful 2021 goals. It’s a roughly two-day process that requires some buy-in from your team and serious self-awareness... let us know what you think!

November 20, 2020
📕 The rise of the pod people; Self-caring your way to effective leadership; Simplifying revenue attribution...

Tech startup culture is known for two things: brooding dev teams and amazing office snacks. Kidding (sort of). What’s actually at the heart of startup culture is breaking down norms and creating new solutions to perennial problems.

Speaking of problem-solving – we’ve got some great content this week on solving the internal struggles most startups face, from team structure to leadership burnout and revenue attribution.

November 27, 2020
📕 SaaS Black Friday deals; How Typeform built an A+ brand, Why you shouldn’t “just ship it”…

Good morning to those just waking up from a turkey coma, it’s time for your weekly serving of SaaS news. And, because we love a good deal, we suggest you check out the B2B SaaS blog’s 2020 Black Friday deal list. We know everyone is in 2021 planning mode, so hopefully, the ~200 discounted SaaS deals save you some dollars.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend.

December 4, 2020
📕 Avoiding the SaaS Valley of Death; Hiring “scrappers”; How to become a trusted advisor...

With the new year on the horizon it’s time to start thinking about that 2021 hiring plan. It’s hard not to focus on a candidate’s resume when making hiring decisions, but remember, an impressive resume doesn’t tell the whole story. More companies are foregoing those with “expert credentials” in favor of teachable hires who are willing to take risks. An openness to risk is especially important to surviving in B2B SaaS, so our advice is to always look for scrappers.

December 11, 2020
📕 Flywheels over funnels; How to measure SaaS operating leverage; Nailing your value prop...

In just 5 years, The Morning Brew has emerged as one of the GOAT newsletters. Their growth to stardom is in large part thanks to their referral marketing mastery – 30% of their 2.5m million subscribers came through the channel. We aren’t saying that a referral program will work quite as well for your B2B SaaS product (newsletters charge time, SaaS products charge money) but if it can work even just 1/10th as well, it could be worth testing...

December 18, 2020
📕 Avoiding measurability bias; The Shape-Up method; The power of Pre-Suasion...

Happy Friday folks. This is our last Playbook before Christmas, so we’ll wish you an early happy holidays now! It’s been an eventful year to say the least, here’s to hoping 2021 brings brighter days (we’re optimistic). Cheers!

January 1, 2021
📕 Your intro to cognitive marketing; A SaaS growth simulator; Boosting retention with intent data...

Happy New Year folks! Can’t believe we actually made it to 2021, we hope you have a great start to the year. We’ve been working on some of our new year’s resolutions and have a couple nailed down: to better understand our customers and thoroughly testing our acquisition channels. We’re touching on both (plus more) today, hope you enjoy!