Simple loan solutions for SaaS companies

Scaleworks Venture Finance provides loans to SaaS companies. We loan up to 6x your monthly recurring revenue, and we don’t require personal guarantees, board seats, or equity. Our application process is quick and straightforward.

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As operators, we have experienced capital constraints, but we knew raising venture capital wasn’t the right solution for us either. We support entrepreneurs in similar situations. We make our loans simple and flexible by design, and you don’t have to give up equity ownership.

You get funded with what you need, when you need it. We loan up to 6x your monthly recurring revenue and extend terms up to 5 years. As your business grows, so does your loan limit. You pay the loans off in monthly payments, either fixed amounts or tied to your monthly revenue to better manage your overall cash flow position. And at any time, you have the ability to prepay without penalty if you desire to do so. Read more about our loans.

Who is it for

Loans are best suited for companies that have a recurring book of business, a stable cost structure, and high conviction of profitably investing the loan proceeds. Ideally, you have a non-concentrated customer base, gross margins in excess of 50% and an articulated plan on how to invest.

We don’t require board oversight or personal guarantees, nor do we ask you to give up equity in your company. We are experienced operators, company-builders and entrepreneurs that can offer you growth guidance. Our mission at ScaleWorks is to scale great products into great businesses.

You should not consider a loan if you are in a seed-stage startup, if you intend to run a large cash flow deficit for an extended period of time, or if your cash flows are highly unpredictable. In those cases, you are better off finding an equity source or working towards stabilizing your financial profile.


We want you to focus on growing your business and minimize your time required to fundraising. Our application process is quick and straightforward:

  • Step 1: We want to learn about your business to see if a loan is indeed right for you
  • Step 2: We have a term sheet conversation to tailor terms to you
  • Step 3: We finalize legal documents, close and fund