We're Hiring

How we work

Our unique model encourages our portfolio companies to focus on three things—product, marketing, and customers—aided with the support of shared expertise for other areas of business.

The Scaleworks Team

Fund Leadership

Thanks to many years of experience in the field, the fund leadership team helps companies find their focus, market position and future direction.

Ed Byrne


Lew Moorman


Karl Pichler

Partner, Venture Finance

Cody Halff


Marketing & Communications

The Scaleworks marketing and communications team uses visuals and written word to tell the stories of each of its unique portfolio companies.

Todd Morey

VP Strategic Marketing

Drew Olanoff

VP of Communications

Talent & Recruiting

Whether it’s the team in Krakow, Poland or San Antonio, Texas, Scaleworks seeks out the best and brightest minds to join its companies from all over the world

Carrie Lewis

VP of Talent

Paulina Wójciak

Director of Internal Growth

Finance & Operations Team

The Scaleworks finance and operations team provides the day-to-day blocking and tackling that companies need to scale to success.

Chrissie Reynolds

Director of Finance

Lorna Lijewski

Senior Accountant

Jessica Guajardo

Junior Accountant

Dorota Szymanska

Office Manager