Scaleworks Marketing Academy

Marketing is absolutely essential to the success of any company, especially growing startup businesses. But great marketers are a rare breed—there simply aren’t enough of them—and there hasn’t been a strong focus on training the next generation. Marketing has been generalized into such a wide array of activities that the term "marketer" has become generic and overly vague. We aim to fix that.

Introducing the Scaleworks Marketing Academy: gain invaluable work experience inside of unique and growing SaaS companies, complete with hands-on training, peer mentorship, and monthly coaching sessions from some of the world's best marketing experts.

Marketing Academy Overview

About The Job

Accepted candidates will have a full time, paid marketing position at one of the Scaleworks fund companies. The first two years of hire will include participation in all marketing academy curriculum and activities.

The Academy Curriculum

You will participate in bi-weekly marketing sessions and be asked to complete homework that includes online training, reading assignments, and applied company work activities. The course also includes internal presentations from Scaleworks marketers as well as a monthly guest lecture from renowned marketing specialists.

The Ideal Candidate

Someone intensely interested in building businesses and whom is trying to learn how to become an expert marketer as their path to success. While no formal marketing experience is required, ideally you’ll have an entrepreneurial background, or have worked in a web agency for a year or two and seen some of the tactics up-close.

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